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K&S Customz, LLC provides quality motorcycle parts, service and advice at affordable non-inflated prices.  While open to the general public as well, K&S Customz is heavily focused on the thousands of Service men and women motorcyclists, both past and present, that make up the strongest military in the world, providing them with the discounts and rock bottom prices they deserve, wherever they are, at anytime.

K&S Customz, LLC is a Veteran Owned and Operated company that was formed in 2012 as an on line motorcycle parts business created while the founder was still an Active Duty Soldier. Josh, the founder of K&S, returned from a 12-month deployment in Afghanistan.  Upon returning Josh quickly needed something to help occupy his hands and mind as he reintegrated himself back into his normal life here in the United States. Through the support of his wife he decided to buy a “project bike” to restore providing him with something outside the military to focus on.  Josh purchased a 1978 Harley Davidson FLH Shovelhead that was in pieces and began using his years of experience of working on motocross bikes to begin slowly rebuilding this American Classic.  Through the help of other friends that have been working on Harleys for years, Josh completed the complete rebuild of the Shovelhead in just eight short months.  He was able to accomplish this while being a full time Soldier and most importantly, a husband and father of three.

During this build process, Josh embarked on a second project, a custom hard tailed EVO.  After receiving permanent change of station (PCS) orders to move to Georgia, Josh no longer had his friend’s shop close by where he could readily order parts.  It took Josh almost four months to find a local shop that could order Harley aftermarket parts at a reasonable price, and even then, he had to drive almost an hour one way to get there. This is a very common problem most service men and women run into when trying to purchase motorcycle parts.  Today’s modern military is home to thousands of motorcyclists.  Some of these motorcyclists have no desire to work on their bikes. They simply ride it, and take it to the local dealership to have all the work done.  Others would like to work on their own bike, but they do not have a dependable source to purchase quality parts at a fair price. Our military deserves more than a fair price, they deserve a rock bottom price. Without such a source, they are forced to take their bikes to a dealership to have something as simple as a new style of handle bars put on.  At the dealership, they will be charged a highly inflated amount, and will be the victim of “up sale” on other items.

Knowing that he was not alone with the frustration of always hunting parts, Josh contacted a few of the major Harley aftermarket parts suppliers and pitched is idea of this website. While most of the time the major parts suppliers require a dealer to have  a shop and order a large amount of inventory up front, the companies that are listed on this site gladly waived all of the requirements in order to help our Service men and women. Through the backing of these companies, K&S Customz was born, and is built to “Serve those that Serve Us.”  K&S has now added a static location in Louisville, Ky that offers unparalled service on all years/models of Harley Davidson Motorcycle and customs alike. K&S prides itself in being a full service shop that is complete with an engine department and machine shop that allows K&S to provide any type of repair or custom built parts desired.

Above is our mission statement.  What is most important about the mission statement, is that it’s not someone just trying to play off of the “military theme,” it’s the actual passion and desire of one Soldier to help all of his fellow Service men and women of the present and the past.