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Discount Policy

Military, Police and Fire Fighter Discounts:

Our priority at K&S Customz is to “Serve those that Serve Us.”  The whole intent of this website is to allow active duty military personnel stationed all over the world to have the ability to get the parts they need at great discounted prices.  Our goal is to offer you the best discount possible. Depending upon the items that are ordered the discounts can range from 10% all the way up to 40%.  We will work every angle on every order to get rock bottom prices, and pass the savings on to you.


To qualify for the discounts you must meet the following criteria:

Active Duty Military

Former Active Duty Military

Reserve or National Guard

Former Reserve or National Guard

Active Duty Police Officer (to include Retired)

Active Duty Fire Fighter (to include Retired)


You must submit a current photo ID validating one of the above requirements in order to qualify. Please scan and email the ID to [email protected] The ID must be clear, legible and up to date.  Once you have submitted your ID and it has been confirmed, it will be kept on file to ensure that you will always receive your discounts.  As always, integrity is always expected.  The discounts are intended for you, the one that serves or served, the one that selflessly put their life on the line.  Please tell your friends of our business, but respect the discount policy that has been emplaced.